• Joining ACM and working with ACM-W has been one of the best decisions of my college life. I have gained personally so much, it has improved my personality, my confidence, and my fear to interact with people and also helped me to learn how to deal with the real world. It has helped me to stand out of the crowd and grow as an Individual.

    Aditya Srivastava, Joint Secretary at UPES ACM
  • When it comes to gaining knowledge, books are the best prescription but there’s no replacement to a real working environment where we gain experience and groom ourselves. ACM family has provided me with such a platform and an environment which has helped me to grow overall as an individual. I started around 2 years back at ACM as a member of Events Committee and now to the Events Head of ACM-W, the journey has taught me a lot. It has enabled and coached me to manage things around myself. The chapter has helped me, both professionally and personally by giving me confidence and a platform to showcase my skills. Most importantly, ACM family taught me how to work in a team for a common purpose.

    Akshat Chaturvedi, Event Head at UPES ACM-W
  • My overall experience in ACM-W has been enriching. Within a span of about 15 months, I got a chance to work in more than two committees. My skills have enhanced and sharpened in so many ways. It has been indeed worthwhile. I'm honored to be a part of this student chapter.

    Amulya Yadav, PR Head at UPES ACM-W
  • The UPES ACM-W student chapter has provided me with a lot of opportunities and helped me learn many new things. I've met so many brilliant people and had an amazing time working with them. The chapter is a great platform for professional development and networking that promotes collective learning through a plethora of activities and events. It's been a fulfilling experience so far and I eagerly look forward to the journey ahead.

    Meeta Chaudhary, Editorial Head at UPES ACM-W
  • It’s an honour to work with such a talented group of people. I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities on the way and learned so much from my experience at UPES ACM-W. The chapter is a perfect platform to enhance your skills and to collaborate with so many talented people.

    Shivangi Prasad, Secretary at UPES ACM-W
  • ACM-W believes in growing together by creating a network of women in STEM. The 3 years of my association with ACM have helped me shape my personality, hone my technical skills and connect with the academia. UPES ACM-W gives me a chance to lead an enthusiastic close-knit team to achieve the goals we have set out towards.

    Gunjan Lal, Chairperson at UPES ACM-W
  • It was the most fascinating experience I’ve ever had by working with such a wonderful team. Different people, cultures, and traditions helped me learn about so many new things. I’ve made a lot of friends and earned a quality experience.

    Raushan Ranjan, Joint Secretary at UPES ACM
  • I have been a part of the ACM family since the first year of college and each day brings new opportunities for me to learn, gain experiences and have the company of the like minded but a diverse group of people with amazing talents out there. Apart from widening my technical skills, ACM has played a major role in enhancing my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Every member thrives to take the chapter achieve further milestones and attempt to improve the learning experience for the future members!

    Aashna Jain, Joint-Secretary at UPES ACM-W